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Andong Chicken Vermicelli


Recipe for 2 Servings

Main Ingredients
Ottogi Vermicelli 50g
Andong Chicken Sauce 35g
Green Pepper, strip
Red Pepper, strip
Carrot, strip
Garlic, diced
Sesame Seed (for garnishing)
Soak vermicelli in cold water till soft
Drain water and boil vermicelli till cooked
When vermicelli is cooked, drain water away
Fry garlic in oil until fragrant
Add Andong Chicken sauce, vermicelli and stir fry over low heat for 3 mins
Add red pepper, green pepper and carrot strip and stir fry for 1-2 mins

 Remove from heat and sprinkle sesame seed

*You may add other vegetable e.g cucumber or meat of your choice